NGC6369 Planetary Nebula

NGC6369 Planetary Nebula in Ophiuchus

NGC6369, a little Planetary Nebula that is also named as Little Ghost Nebula, is located in a dusty area next to our milky way.

Because of that, most of the surrounding stars are of reddish color because other wavelenghts are not able to get through that dust.

Using narrow band filters that only allow small parts of the visible spectrum get through makes it possible, the get different colors as can be seen here in that image of NGC6369.


NGC6369 is located at 17h29m20s and -23d45m34s. It´s distance to planet earth is about 5000 lightyears.


Image processing: Volker Wendel

Ha-filter: 9x2400s

OIII: 9x2400s

RGB each: 9x1200s to bring out correct star colors


200% view of NGC6369:



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