IC 2469 Galaxy in Pyxis

Inclined by 36°,the SBab-typed galaxy IC2469 can be found deep down south in the constellation of Pyxis.Measuring 6.9 x 1.6 arc-minutes it shines by 12.5mag brightness in a yellowish tint,caused by interstellar absorption.

The real distance to the earth is about 75 mio.light-years.It was first seen by Lewis Swift in 1897.


position (epoch2000):

RA.: 09h 23m 1,4s
Decl.: -32° 26' 59''


image data:

LRGB image with L = 23x1200s, RGB = 7x1200s each,a total of 14.7 hours

80cm f/7 AstroOptik Keller corrected cassegrain FLI Proline 16803 Astrodon LRGB Gen-II filters

Prompt 7 CTIO/UNC Chile,remote controlled

image processing: Bernd Flach-Wilken


this is a 95%-FOV of our eqipment of IC2469,a very rarely observed galaxy deep down in the southern skies.Click here for full resolution

this is a more detailed look to IC2469:



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