Abel 33 Planetary Nebula in Hydra

At 2700 light-years distance  George Ogden Abell discovered this fine planetary nebula in 1955 in the constellation of Hydra.By an apparent size of nearly 5 arc minutes it can visually be detected with an OIII-filter in mid-sized intruments (12" aperture and larger).

The star HD 83535 creates a diamond ring effect together with the PN,with makes the combo a spectacular appearance on photographs.


position (epoch 2000):

RA.: 09h 39m 09,08s
Decl.: -02° 48′ 32,0″


image data:

RGB image from:




a total of 26.0 hours

80cm f/7 AstroOptik Keller corrected cassegrain FLI Proline 16803 Astrodon LRGB GenII filters

Prompt 7 CTIO/UNC Chile,remote controlled

image processing: Bernd Flach-Wilken



Abell33 as it looks in a field of 81% of our telecope setup.For full resolution click here

here you see a more detailed version of Abell 33:


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