NGC 5643 Galaxy in Lupus

This 10.2mag bright and 4,6′ × 4.0′ sized galaxy can be found in the southern constellation of Lupus.It is named NGC 5643 and was first seen by John Herschel in the year of 1834.

It is a nealy perfect faced-on spiral typed as SAB(rs)c.The real distance to us is about 55 mio.light-years.In 2017 there occured a supernova explosion,2017cbv.


position (epoch2000):

RA.: 14h 32m 40,8s
Decl.: -44° 10′ 28,6″


imaga data:

LRGB image with L = 23x1200s, RGB = 9x1200s each,a total of 16.7 hours

80cm f/7 AstroOptik Keller corrected cassegrain FLI Proline 16803 Astrodon LRGB GenII filters

Prompt 7 CTIO/UNC Chile,remote controlled

image processing: Bernd Flach-Wilken


this is a 72%-FOV picture of NGC 5643.Click here for full resolution.

Here you see a larger version of this galaxy:

a look to this galaxy with the HST you can find here

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