NGC1433 Galaxy in Horologium

NGC1433 is a 6,5´x 5,9´ sized galaxy of 9,5mag brightness in the constellation of Horologium.Its distance to our solar system is about 32 million light-years.

It was detected in 1826 by the scottish astronomer James Dunlop.

NGC1433 is classified as a Seyfert-type galaxy,because of its very active centre.There we can detect a very large black hole which emitts very strong electromagnetical waves all over most spectral regions.There ESO´s ALMA-array detected a strong spiral structure of offstreaming gases as well as material that escaped from the black hole.


image data:

LRGB image with L = 24x1200s, RGB = 7x1200s each,a total of 15.0 hours 80cm f/7

AstroOptik Keller corrected cassegrain, FLI Proline 16803, Prompt 7 CTIO/UNC Chile,remote controlled

image processing: Bernd Flach-Wilken



RA.:     03h 42m 01,6s
Decl.:  -47° 13′ 19,5″


this is a 94% field of view of the CCD-camera´s field.By clicking inside you can see it with full resolution.


this is a cropped and bigger version of NGC1433:

Here you can take a look to the center of NGC1433 with the HST

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