IC5250A/B in Tucana with lenticular NGC7358, IC5246 and edge-on galaxy IC5249

This group of very peculiar galaxies is situated deep south in the constellation Tucana. IC 5250A/B actually is a merging pair of  two spiral galaxies.

Find an article about the thin edge-on galaxy IC5249 here.

RA:                22h47m20s
DEC:              -65°03'27"
distance:        about 150 mio. lightyears
size:               2,7x2,7 arcsec.

Image information

Exposure LRGB
L = 21x1200s
R = 8x1200s
G = 8x1200s
B = 8x1200s

80cm f/7 Astrooptik Keller corrected cassegrain, FLI Proline 16803, Baader filters, Prompt 7 CTIO/UNC Chile, FWHM between 0.9-1.3 arcsec; south is up,
processing: Volker Wendel

Click on the image below to see the full field around IC 5250 in 70% size  

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 see a crop on IC 5250 below

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