NGC 7479 Galaxy in Pegasus

NGC7479 is a SB(s)c-type barred spiral galaxy in the constellation of Pegasus.Its apparent magnitude is about 11.5mag,with the dimensions of 4.1´x 3.1´.It is a Seyfert galaxy with a massive black hole of about 500 solar masses in its center.Its distance from earth ist about 100 million light years.

With a 6inch- telescope you barely can detect it as a pale spot that show no structure at all.William Herschel discovered it in 1784.


Right ascension  23h 04m 56.6s
Declination        +12° 19′ 22″

80cm f/7 AstroOptik corrected Cassegrain,Baader RGB-filters,FLI Proline 16803-CCD-camera,remotely controlled from CTIO/UNC Chile

integration time: L RGB (24x1200s, 8x1200s each) ergo a total time of 16 hours

image processing: Bernd Flach-Wilken


here is a 80% cut,click on it to see the full resolution version:



here you can see a close up of about 30%:


click here for a version from the HST

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