NGC 288 Galactic Cluster in Sculptor

NGC288 is a globular cluster of about 10´in diameter,located in  Sculptor.Its stars are not very concentrated an it can be resolved down to its core with a 10inch instrument.Its total brightness is about 9mag and therefore an easy object for binoculars.Its distance from us is about 30.000 lightyears.


RA: 00h 52m 45s   Dekl: -26° 05.0´

80cm f/7 AstroOptik corrected Cassegrain with Baader filters

FLI Proline 16803       Prompt7 CTIO/UNC Chile

L(synth)RGB from R=8x1200s  G=8x1200s B=8x1200s


click to get maximum size

 for a close lookup from the HST look here

 here is a close look to the little galaxy cluster at the southern part of this GC:




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