ESO 510-G13 Warped Galaxy

ESO 510-G13 is a spiral galaxy approximately 150 million light-years away in the constellation Hydra. The equatorial dust cloud is heavily warped; this may indicate that ESO 510-G13 has interacted with another galaxy. If this is the case, it would provide an excellent illustration of the distortion caused by interacting galaxies. The other two larger galaxies in the full frame image are PGC49420 and PGC49421.

Find a Hubble Image of ESO 510-G13  here.

LRGB (L 20x20m, R 6x20m, G 6x20m, B 6x20m) total 12.7 h combined. Seeing 0.8-1.2 arc-sec, North is up

80cm f/7 Astrooptik Keller corrected cassegrain, FLI Proline 16803, Baader Filters, Prompt 7 CTIO Chile
processing: Johannes Schedler

Find a crop on the warped galaxy in 75/150% size below:

Find a full frame image in 25/80% size below:

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